Neon Treasures is your one-stop-shop for fun, colorful, and creative costume jewelry.

We also create wonderfully scented wax melts and decorative soaps!

  • Jewelry & Accessories

    I make a variety of different jewelry pieces, from simple charm earrings to complex bead weaving. All jewelry on this site is hand assembled! You'll also find an occasional hair accessory or keyring, too.

  • Soap & Wax

    I make decorative soap bars, using a high quality detergent-free clear base that holds scent and color beautifully. Not only do these soaps look awesome, they're great for your skin! I also make wax melts with para-soy wax (a blend of paraffin and soy which gives great scent throw) and high quality fragrance oils from reputable suppliers.

  • Digital Designs

    High quality, colorful, and fun digital designs for personal/educational use, designed at 300ppi for excellent print quality. Backgrounds and embellishments for digital scrapbooking or classroom use.