Terms of Use

*** If you purchased an item from my store at MyMemories (now closed), your download came with a TOU file. Please refer to that file for terms. If you are downloading a product from my store on Etsy, or a freebie from this blog, this page serves as the TOU for that download. My Terms of Use for all personal use items appear below. Please contact me for commercial use products Terms of Use.

Brandi White Designs ~ Personal Use/S4H Terms of Use & Credits

BE NICE! These terms are very simple and easy to follow! You are totally welcome to use your purchase for scrap-for-hire. I could write a big long legal-sounding thing on how I don’t want it used that way but in the real world, how would I know? So go for it! It would be cool if you let me know so I can see what you did with my stuff, but it is definitely not required.

That said, please don’t resell these graphics as-is. If you do the S4H thing, please make sure you’re providing the images to your customers in a way that does not allow them to extract them out for their own use, because that’s the same as piracy, which is not nice.

Please do not use any of these images in your own kits/designs, and please do not make them available to others for their use in their kits/designs. That’s just rude.

CREDITS! I use a variety of commercial-use products in my designing. The majority of them do not require credit, so I have not listed them. If there is an item in a kit that DOES require credit, I will include a separate file in the download listing those credits.

Need to contact me? brandiwhitedesigns@gmail.com

Note: If your computer goes haywire and breaks somehow while using my designs or website, I’m sorry, that sucks! However, I can’t be held liable for that. These files aren’t going to break anyone’s computer. They’re just digital images, not program files. ‚Äč

All files in your download copyright 2021 by Brandi White.

Most recent update: February 6, 2021