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Neon Treasures

Small Treasure Bottle Necklace

Small Treasure Bottle Necklace

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These tiny little bottles are about 1/2 inch across and just under an inch tall, not including the cork. Each bottle has a cork stopper that has been glued in place. The stopper has a screw-eye which has been screwed into the cork and also glued. Each screw-eye is attached to a stainless steel or gold-colored alloy chain that measures between 18-19 inches. All necklaces fasten with a lobster-claw clasp.

Please be aware that despite the glue, the glass bottle may shatter if dropped, and the cork may come out if the necklace is handled roughly. The level of filling in each bottle varies and may sometimes be "fluffed" by gently shaking the bottle side to side.

Metal Content

This piece contains metal alloys. My suppliers do not disclose the exact contents of these alloys.  If you have metal sensitivities, please avoid this piece.

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