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Blog Train: Pixel Scrapper September 2020

August was pretty unpleasant for me.  My grandfather was placed in hospice early in the month, then passed peacefully on the 29th.  He isn’t suffering anymore, and he’s reunited with my grandmother now, which is what I know he wanted most.  So, that said, I didn’t get much time for designing. I did mange to whip up this simple paper pack, and I hope you can get some use out of it.  I forgot to put the TOU in the zip file, so be nice.

Click the image for the download!

And don’t forget to visit the main post at Pixel Scrapper to grab more contributions!

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Blog Train: Pixel Scrapper August 2020 – Galaxy

Space. The final frontier. This is the voyage of my blog… (ok, that was terrible)

This month is a designer’s choice again, sort of.  We get a palette, and a list of suggested themes, or we can do whatever.  One of the suggested themes this month was “galaxy,” and I realized I had a filter from a loooooong time ago that makes space-scapes – so I had to use it!  I didn’t have much time (graduate school is a monster, even in the summer), so I just did these 4 papers.  Just click the image to download, and enjoy!

Head over to the forum at PixelScrapper to grab the rest of the contributions!

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Blog Train: PixelScrapper June 2020 – Kumbaya

“Kumbaya” is an African-American spiritual song that is believed to have originated in the southeastern United states as a plea for God to “come by here,” possibly in response to the horrible oppression those people were experiencing when the song became popular in the early 1900’s.  I don’t really relate to that at all, but the colors in this palette are amazing.  I couldn’t stop!

This first image is an overview, scroll down to click each separate part to download them.  These are hosted on Google Drive.

** The next freebie will be posted on June 10th instead of next Monday. 🙂

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Blog Train: Pixel Scrapper March 2020 – My Tribe

Welcome to March!

The official name of this train is ‘My Tribe’ but I really, really hate that phrase.  I just really don’t find it appropriate for use outside of native or aboriginal cultural applications.  But, that’s probably my liberal arts education speaking.

So anyway, I interpreted this month’s theme as a ‘My Friends’ instead. 🙂

Here’s my contribution:

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