June is PRIDE month!

June is an important month in the LGBTQIA+ community.  As the parent of a transgender young adult, this month is important to me because while I have learned to embrace and empower my child, there are still innumerable teens and young adults going through a struggle with their identity, whether it be sexual, gender, or other.

Pride month observes the Stonewall riots, which occurred in June, 1969.  Today, events are held throughout the month to celebrate the achievements that LGBTQIA+ individuals have made since then.  

I have a small selection of rainbow themed items in my shop, and for the month of June they are discounted by 10% and I will also donate 10% of proceeds from ALL sales during June to the Trevor Project, which is a charity that provides resources and support for LGBTQIA+ youth in crisis, and works toward suicide prevention in this vulnerable group.

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