Blog Train: Scrap Twist - November 2021, Wild & Free

Blog Train: Scrap Twist - November 2021, Wild & Free

This month's theme is Wild and Free, with a gorgeous color palette!  I really need to make more time for designing - I had a great plan in mind for this because I loved the colors, but I ran out of time.  I'm taking five classes, so I'm a full-time student, plus I'm making and selling jewelry at craft fairs and we're about to start that season.  Add in being the parent of two teenagers, and well... there's just no time! Anyway, here are my contributions for this train.  I split it into two downloads in case you want just a certain portion.  Don't forget to click both links if you want both! First, glitters:

November 2021 STBT Blog Train Wild & Free - Glitter

And some plaids, a brick paper, and a feather:

November 2021 STBT Wild & Free - Extras

Click here to download the glitter: GLITTER

Click here to download the extras: EXTRAS

Here is the rest of the train, with the list down below:

(Thanks to KJDdesigns for putting together the preview!)

Dancing Tiger Designs


Marniejo's House of Scraps

Nellie Bells Unique Boutique

DigiBrandi's Designs

Living 4 Him2

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