Blog Train: - December 2021

Blog Train: - December 2021

I had a really rough time making anything this month, but I did get a few papers done.  I really enjoyed the blog trains better when there was a defined theme that everyone used.  I appreciate the wider array of colors and the general ideas that we are given, but it's harder for me when I'm not given specific directions! 

This month I've made the following pack:

The previous download method I was using was a hassle, and I apologize.  I've gone back to using Google Drive to store my files, so this is a Google download that should behave much better.

Click the image, or click here!  Then head over to THIS THREAD to find the other contributions.

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Thank you very much for the great papers you have shared.

Sue L

Thanks so much for the lovely papers x

Sarah C

Thank you very much !

Gala Kosinova

Thank you so much!


Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful papers!❤️❤️❤️

Louyse Toupin

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