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Blog Train: Scrap Twist February 2020 – Kaleidoscope

It’s February, and we need some color!

This month’s theme is so bright and happy!  Here’s a preview of what you’ll get if you follow the whole train – and note, a couple of previews missed the cut-off, so there are actually more than these!:

And here’s my part:

This color scheme is just about my favorite, ever.  I tried some different settings on my glitter program and came up with these plastic-style glitters.  They’re not sparkly really, and I kind of think they look like colored sand, but I thought I’d share them and let you see what you think.

Just click the image to download!

Here’s the rest of the train:

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Brandi White Designs
Nellie Bell
Rush Ranch
Songbird Scraps Designs
The Brown Owl
Moore Blessings Digital Design
Pixels o Faith

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